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Set up your home studio or go out for some field recordings! Whether you are creating the next musical masterpiece or just trying to get your band on disc, we have everything you need to start tracking today! With great prices on digital recorders from Fostex, Roland, TASCAM, Korg, Boss, Alesis and more, there has never been so much choice in your digital recording platform. Great deals on software from Digidesign, Cakewalk, Steinberg, and more, along with computer interfaces from M-Audio, E-MU, Mark of the Unicorn and many others make it easier than ever to get your tracks into the computer with low noise and pristine digital clarity, and mixers from Mackie, Alesis, Behringer, Yamaha and others give you complete control over your signal path. Signal processing options from all the best names in the field - Focusrite, Eventide, Grace Design, Universal Audio, Oram, Behringer, dbx, ART, DOD, PreSonus, and many more - ensure that every step in your signal processing chain is of the highest possible sonic quality, and monitors and headphones from JBL, Sennheiser, AKG and others let you hear your beautiful music in all of its glory!

Hit the hot one's and two's when you stock up on the latest DJ gear! Spin vinyl with turntables and cartridges from Stanton, Ortofon, Technics, Numark, Shure and others, and shuffle the discs on CD player transports from American Audio, Gemini, Denon and more! We have the latest and hottest music production stations and groove boxes from Akai, Roland, Korg and Yamaha. DJ mixers from Numark, Mackie, Gemini, Rane and others, as well as great deals on complete packaged DJ systems. We have rock-bottom prices on headphones, cases and hardware from Odyssey, American DH, Stanton and more. How about a little flash to go with that boom? Get lighting effects from Chauvet, American DJ, Elation, Odyssey and many others.

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